Inhale, Be Well is a platform for anyone interested in learning how to help heal their minds through aromatherapy and meditation. Founded by Jasmine Bues, a clinical aromatherapist and meditation instructor, we offer in-person group classes in NYC, virtual and in-person aromatherapy sessions, and an online directory and journal of essential oils.

The method is simple - inhale essential oils mindfully.

To make the method easily accessible for everyone, I co-founded a stress-relieving aromatherapy inhaler collection called Madison + Green. This journal can be used as a reference to enhance your experience with our inhalers, or you can use the information and apply it to your lifestyle.

Inhale, be well,


  • Bespoke Experience & Consultation

    There are hundreds of essential oils available around the world, and there are millions of ways to formulate oil blends. Book a private session with the aromatherapist to experience a wide range of essential oils in person or virtually. Services include custom formulations to suit your needs and concerns, meditation tips, and more.

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  • Inhale, Be Well Group Classes

    Interested in experiencing Inhale, Be Well class in person? We are now offering relaxing, inspiring, and fun group classes in NYC for anyone interested aromatherapy, meditation, breathing exercises, or just a general stress relief. (60 minutes)

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  • Meditation Tips

    The common misconception about meditation is that it's to "sit in silence and try to think of nothing." That couldn't be farther from the truth.

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  • Essential Oil Directory

    Essential oils can be very helpful in healing both the mind and the body. We focus on sharing essential oils that are especially helpful for psychological pain.

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    Did you know?

    Fun facts about plants, the olfactory system, and so much more

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The Aromatherapist

Jasmine is a NAHA®-certified Level II clinical aromatherapist, MNDFL®-certfieid meditation instructor, and the co-founder/owner of Madison + Green. She is passionate about helping relieve people's acute stress and anxiety with aromatherapy and meditation. She spends her time creating essential oil blends for Madison + Green, and on weekends, she can be found learning about the latest scientific findings on the olfatory system and essential oils, enjoying outdoors with her family, and cooking Thai food at home.

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