We want to help you relieve stress and anxiety naturally and effectively.

Our healing method is a combination of aromatherapy, olfaction (the sense of smell), and meditation. We will share the essential oils you can use that are specially powerful for psychological pain, explanations of why we suggest inhaling essential oils, and tips and instructions on simple meditation techniques.

Try Our Healing method

The Simple Start

Step 1: Pick an essential oil

You may select any of the essential oils from our directory of essential oils for mental wellness, or use any of our aromatherapy inhalers.

Step 2: Enjoy the aroma

Hold the essential oil bottle near your nose, and enjoy the aroma.

Aromtherapy is very effective in influencing the mind, since the olfaction (sense of smell) has the most direct pathway to the "emotional" part of the brain compared to the other senses.

Step 3: Deeply inhale the essential oil, then slowly exhale

Still holding the essential oil bottle, deeply inhale the aroma for 4 seonds, then slowly exhale for 6 seconds.

Pro tip: Try describing the smell of the essential oil, without judging it (such as likes and dislikes). This helps you become more present in the moment, pulling you away from thoughts running through your mind.

Step 4: Simple meditation

Take a moment for yourself. Notice your thoughts, but don't become attached to those thoughts. Just notice, and watch those thoughts pass by.

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