Bespoke Experience & Consultation

A Private Experience Customized for Your Well-Being

Available virtually & in-person

I am passionate about helping people relieve general stress and anxiety through the art and science of aromatherapy. I co-founded Madison + Green, a company specializing in creating aromatherapy inhalers to allow people to have simple tools for experiencing the benefits of essential oils for everyday use.
To offer a more personal experience, I also provide one-on-one consultation services to help clients find ways to incorporate aromatherapy into their daily lives to improve their well-being. In addition to aromatherapy, I offer guidance on meditation and breathing techniques that clients can practice to complement their healing journey.
I specialize in selecting specific essential oils and designing blends uniquely formulated to suit individuals’ needs and desires. The formulas are designed according to essential oil chemistry and its benefits, personal scent preferences, and my years of experience formulating essential oil blends targeting specific mental challenges.

These include, but are not limited to:

    • General stress caused by physical pain, overwork, family/friend struggles, etc
    • Anxiety/Nervousness
    • Anger
    • Grief/Sadness
    • Depression
    • Jealousy
    • Resentment 
    • Lack of motivation or energy
    • Hypersensitivity
    • Fatigue/Exhaustion
    • Panic/Shock
    • Irritability
    • Fear
    • Low self-esteem/Confidence

What to expect


Prior to the initial consultation, clients are required to fill out a questionnaire form so that I can be best prepared for the one-on-one session. The online form includes questions regarding health history, lifestyle, scent preferences, concerns, and more.

The Initial 60-minute Consultation

During the initial session, we will discuss the clients’ goals and concerns, learn the sources of their stress or issues, and then dive into the world of scents. I will also share the history, benefits, and appropriate methods of aromatherapy. If a client would also like to learn a simple meditation and breathing technique, I can also advise on those methods and how to incorporate them into their lifestyle. Within 10 business days I will email the client with suggested essential oils and their application methods. As a gift, I will include one custom-designed Madison + Green aromatherapy inhaler (shipped to the client on a later date).

Additional Formulations (optional)

The client may also request any additional custom aromatherapy formulations appropriate for their needs listed below for additional fee:

  • Hand/body oil, lotion, gel
  • Massage oil
  • Bath/Shower drops
  • Diffuser blend
  • Bath salts
  • Room spray
  • Shampoo blend
  • Body/Face spray
  • Additional Madison + Green inhalers

Follow-Up Consultation (optional)

If a client would like to discuss any new or additional issues or concerns that we did not cover in the initial consultation, or would like to learn more about essential oils, meditation, and/or breathing techniques, I am happy to provide follow-up consultations. Clients also have an opportunity to experience and test scents again, if they wish to do so.

Refill Services (optional)

If you would like a refill for any of the aromatherapy formulations I created for you, you may submit a request online. Please allow about 2 weeks for production.

  • Deah R (Kansas City, MO)

    " [The virtual service] provided valuable insight into the practical applications of these remedies for emotional well-being. I am grateful for the guidance you offered, which has inspired me to take a more proactive approach to my self-care rituals...I’m so excited to see how my essential blends support my well-being rituals.. It’s been such a lovely experience. "

  • Wendy Q (New York, NY)

    " [I] have been telling everyone about what an incredible experience I had with you and learning so much about essential oils. I want to communicate how special it was to me and my favorite part is that I feel so supported and comforted... You are changing the world for the better and you do it with such heart."

Aromatherapy should not replace any prescribed medications or medical advice. Always seek advice from your doctor if you have any medical concerns.