Meet the Aromatherapist

Jasmine Maika Bues

Jasmine is the author of Let’s Inhale, Be Well journal and the co-owner of Madison + Green, an aromatherapy brand that creates a collection of unique essential oil inhalers that are designed to help relieve stress and anxiety. She is also a clinical aromatherapist, and specially formulates essential oil blends for each of the inhalers. She is passionate about helping people relieve acute stress and anxiety through the means of aromatherapy, and applies her education and personal experiences earned through The School for Aromatic Studies for all essential oil blends she creates. She is also a certified meditation instructor through MNDFL®, and applies her training in mindful breathing exercises to the product design of Madison + Green aromatherapy inhalers and services she provides. 


Spending the first half of her life in Kyoto, Japan, Jasmine’s childhood was shaped by the richness of nature and the smell of incense that drifted from the counteless temples found in the city. She moved to the U.S. with her family at the age of 11, and had a difficult time adjusting to the new culture. However, she found solace and comfort in the beautiful gardens her mother tended in her backyard, and it was there that she was exposed to and connected with the beauty of nature, especially to the incredible aroma of over a hundred English roses that her mother planted in the gardens. 

After attending a university and working in the fashion industry for over a decade in New York City, she felt lost in her career path and began questioning her identity. Due to high stress level, she experienced numerous issues relating to the imbalanced central nervous system, such as nerve pains, vertigo, depression, and anxiety. On her journey to healing, she explored many different stress-relieving methods, including changing her diet, consuming herbal teas and tinctures, acupuncture, yoga, etc. Of all that she practiced, she found aromatherapy and meditation/mindful breathing techniques to be most effective, perhaps because they relate to the roots of her childhood. Aromatherapy brought back the richness of aroma from her mother’s gardens, and the meditation/mindful breathing techniques from her times spent at Buddhist temples in Kyoto. She enrolled in schools to be certified in both fields, and became particularly interested in the potentials of the essential oil inhalation combined with mindful breathing. The new interest and passion was the catalyst behind the launch of Madison + Green, and she is on her mission to help people relieve acute anxiety and stress through aromatherapy and mindful breathing. 

  • NAHA® Level II Aromatherapist

    Certified as a Level II Professional Aromatherapist by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

  • The School for Aromatic Studies® Level II Clinical Aromatherapy

    Completed a 350 Hour Aromatic Scholars Certificate Program and a 100 Hour Anatomy and Physiology Certificate Program of Professional Training at The School for Aromatic Studies (formerly known as New York Institute of Aromatic Studies) in June, 2020.

  • MNDFL® Meditation Instructor

    Completed a MNDFL® 75 Hour Mindfulness Instructor Training Program in September, 2021. Trained under the guidence of Rev. angel Kyodo williams and David Perrin.

  • Jasmine has published reseach articles regarding essential oils, and participated in others' blogs relating to aromatherapy.

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