balsam fir essential oil and benefits

Balsam Fir

If you’ve ever walked around a Christmas tree farm, you’ve probably experienced an immediate soothing experience when inhaling the aroma of the Christmas trees. The aroma is comforting and calming thanks not only to fond childhood Christmas memories you may have, but also because of the active chemical components that are lingering in the air such as β-pinene, α-pinene, bornyl acetate, and l-limonene. Studies have shown that those components also promote mental clarity as well as relaxation. 


  • Refreshing, cooling, restorative

Therapeutic uses:

  • Emotional fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • General stress 
  • Supports deep breathing

Aromatic notes:

  • Fresh
  • Pine-y
  • Slightly lemon-y


  • Rich in monoterpenes, such as α-pinene, β-pinene, d-limonene, and an ester called bornyl acetate

Key scientific researches:

  • Holmes, P. (2001) Clinical Aromatherapy Boulder, CO: TIgerlily Press


About the plant:

  • Evergreen conifer, can live up to 200 years
  • Native to North America

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