jasmine absolute


Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) Absolute

Derived from the delicate flowers of the Jasminum officinale plant, this exquisite oil offers a myriad of benefits for mental wellness, enveloping the senses in a blissful embrace.

The intoxicating aroma of jasmine absolute has the power to uplift the spirits and elevate mood. Its rich, floral scent evokes feelings of joy and well-being, providing a natural remedy for moments of sadness or low energy.

It is also prized for its calming properties, making it a valuable tool for stress relief and relaxation. Its soothing aroma helps to quiet the mind, reduce feelings of anxiety, promote a sense of inner peace, soothe frazzled nerves, alleviate feelings of tension, and promote emotional resilience. 

It is also known to boost confidence and self-esteem. Its seductive scent inspires feelings of self-assurance and empowerment, helping individuals to step into their power and embrace their true potential. Whether preparing for an important presentation or a social event, jasmine oil can help you radiate confidence and poise.


  • Stimulating, balancing, warming

Therapeutic uses:

  • Acute depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem, lack of confidence
  • Low libido

Aromatic notes:

  • Floral, tea-like, green, fruity, intense

Key chemical components:

  1. Benzyl acetate: This compound contributes to the sweet, floral scent of jasmine absolute. It has a fruity undertone and is commonly found in many floral essential oils.

  2. Benzyl alcohol: Benzyl alcohol adds to the floral aroma of jasmine absolute and is known for its pleasant, slightly sweet scent. It also acts as a preservative in cosmetic formulations.

  3. Linalool: Linalool is a terpene alcohol that is often found in floral essential oils. It has a floral, citrusy aroma and is known for its calming and relaxing properties.

  4. Indole: Indole is a nitrogenous compound that contributes to the rich, heady scent of jasmine absolute. It has a complex aroma that is often described as floral and animalic.

  5. Methyl anthranilate: Methyl anthranilate adds a fruity, grape-like note to jasmine absolute. It is commonly used in perfumery to enhance floral fragrances.

  6. Benzyl benzoate: Benzyl benzoate has a sweet, balsamic aroma and is often used as a fixative in perfumery. It helps to prolong the scent of jasmine absolute and other floral oils.

  7. Jasmone: Jasmone is a key aromatic compound found in jasmine absolute that contributes to its intense floral fragrance. It has a sweet, floral scent with fruity undertones.

  8. Eugenol: Eugenol is a phenylpropene compound that adds a spicy, clove-like note to jasmine absolute. It has antimicrobial properties and is commonly found in many essential oils.

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