Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides)

Vetiver is a wonderful sedative that I recommend using when feeling nervous and/or agitated. It is one of the essential used in the blend for Madison + Green's "Feelin' Anxious" aromatherapy inhaler, which is specially designed to be used when anxiety kicks in. 


  • Calming, balancing, and grounding.

Therapeutic uses:

  • Nervous tension
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Mental burnout 
  • Oversensitivity

Aromatic notes:

  • very pungent
  • earthy, woody
  • sweet, deep


  • rich in sesquiterpenes 
  • extremely complex

About the plant:

  • Native to India
  • Tall and densely tufted perennial scented grass
  • Essential oil is extracted from its roots

Key Scientific Researches:

  • Volatile compounds emitted from the roots have helped the subjects to maintain performance, while maintaining high sympathetic nervous system activity. Matsubara et al (2012) Biomedical Research 32, 1, 19-28
  • Anxiolytic dose of vetiver via the inhalation method is 2.5%, which is the equivalent of the diazepam. Both 2.5% vetiver and diazepam significantly increased c-fos expression in amygdala and suggested that the anxiolytic-like properties of vetiver might be associated with altering neuronal activation. Saiyudthong et al. (2015) Natural Product Research 29, 22, 2131-2144

Fun facts:

  • In India, the roots are woven into door and window screens.
  • The British occupation of India made vetiver popular in 19th century England and North America
  • In India and Sri Lanka, vetiver oil is known as 'the oil of tranquility'


  • Vetiver essential oil is often adulterated, because the vetiver roots yield very little oil, making the oil expensive. When purchasing the essential oil, make sure that it's not a synthetic or adulterated. 
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